As the subtitle says, this is a "Theatrical Rock Show"...
A theatrical and musical show.
It should be composed by 3 acts, and here they are the 5 main characters:



The first act, as we know, has taken place on March 14th, 2007 at Shibuya O-WEST.
The second one  was on May 4th, 2007 at Takadanobaba AREA.
Summing up what we have seen until now, NODE OF SCHERZO stages a "love competition" between KAMIJO and JUKA, respectively the "Light" and the "Darkness", that are contending for KAYA's love, the love of “Beauty”: this is the main "NODE" of the story, from which the other performances branch.

We can see the participation of Yuu (aka Jasmine YOU) and HIZAKI, besides the many other guest bands.
There are many funny moments between the artists…KAMIJO’s performing skills is well shown in his character that seems to suit him perfectly. Juka, or “Akuma” as KAMIJO nicknamed him, is a perfect antagonist: the fight between “Light” and “Darkness”  for winning KAYA’s heart develops during the show in romantic moments, which are set off by vocal duets, and fights with songs, roses, plastic weapons and “summons of demons”.
In the second show we could see a fight between "armies": The Army of Light (with KAMIJO as commander) and The Army of Darkness (with JUKA as commander)...XD
The components of the first one were MICHIRU(LoopAsh), AKITO(AILE), SEIJU(Dollis Merry) while the opposite army was composed by Sui, Setsuna and Kuzuki, all from Metis Gretel.
The fight keeps going on…

Next show will take place on October 31st, 2007 at Kawasaki Club Citta.

The storyline has slightly changed... now we saw Juka turned into a vampire by Kaya's bite while Versailles were playing "The Red Carpet Day" and a music of waltzer...

Kaya is "Carmilla"... famous female vampire...

Juka is "Alan"...

Kamijo is "Louis".









Node of Scherzo

(October 31st, 2007)

CD single (support by Versailles)

1 track (vocal by Kamijo, Juka and Kaya)


Here the Lyrics!